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When Nat was young, she was bullied and excluded because she is living with cerebral palsy. 

Today, she is a facilitator of the Just Like You program, which helps to ensure that kids living with disability don’t have to be treated like she was.

The sad reality is that 48% of kids living with disability are bullied, and 40% are excluded from activities like playing games with other students in the playground.

Please donate today and help facilitators like Nat run more programs like Variety’s Just Like You with workshops that build awareness, understanding and acceptance, so that kids living with disability are no longer left out. Give now.

“I remember there were many years where I would just come home to my loving family, and be in tears thinking, why is everyone at school treating me so differently?”, Nat says.

“As I look back, I think a big part of the problem was a lack of education about disability. Kids didn’t understand me, and I’m sure things would have been different if they’d had Variety’s Just Like You program.”

Through the Just Like You program, facilitators like Nat are sharing their own stories of living with disability and helping to reduce exclusion and bullying for the more than 150,000 kids living with disability.

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