3 November - 8 November 2024!

The Variety Postie Bike Dash will get you out on your Postie Bike for six days of riding for kids in need. The event goes off the beaten track, travelling through the bush and countryside, stopping in at rural towns and schools for meals and entertainment along the way.

Are you in? Let's get started!

Entry into the Variety Postie Bike Dash is not guaranteed upon registration.
Your entry on this event is up to the discretion of the Senior Motoring Events Manager.

  • duncan dew just donated $105.50
  • Brendan Moon just donated $211
  • Anonymous just donated $52.75
  • Anonymous just donated $10.55
  • Lachlan Davidson just donated $1,020
  • Russell Neumann just donated $520
  • Jeni Winkels just donated $105.50
  • Mainstream Industries Pty Ltd just donated $520
  • Bald Eagle just donated $105.50
  • Karen Jack just donated $31.65
  • Roger Harrison just donated $105.50
  • Anonymous just donated $21.10
  • Lauren Mainuu just donated $100
  • Chris de Josselin just donated $105.50
  • Bonnie just donated $50
  • Jandrie Lombard just donated $105.50
  • Arc Professional Services just donated $105.50
  • Robyn Burgers just donated $263.75
  • Erin Stacey just donated $21.10
  • Harry Lewins just donated $52.75

Have you been dobbed in to set up a team so you and your mates can fundraise together? Then this is the registration link for you!


Making someone else set up the fundraising team? Dashing solo? This is the link for you!


We are here to help!

If you have any questions about the event or fundraising reach out to our Regional Motoring Events team.

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