Tax Appeal

Coronavirus wasn't the only
disruption to Danielle's education.

You can disrupt poverty before it disrupts her life. 

Help us stop disadvantaged kids from being left behind!

Growing up in poverty has a long term effect on the learning outcomes of Australia's children.
More than 1 in 6 children are growing up in households gripped by financial stress. 

Today, those children are facing even greater pressure. More parents are losing jobs due to the coronavirus and distant learning requires expensive equipment like laptops.

Even worse, children that are immune-compromised or have a disability, and families that have already experienced hardship from drought or bushfire now have more challenges to overcome.

You can help ensure that children growing up in poverty have the opportunities they need to succeed.

Please donate today to help children who are already isolated by poverty overcome the burdens that life is putting in their path.

Your tax-deductible donation is urgently needed, and it will make an immediate difference. With your generosity, we are providing laptop packages to disadvantaged kids as early as next week. Children like Danielle are just days away from holding the key to a brighter future in their hands.  Don’t let them be left behind.

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