333 Little Pigs Car

2023 Variety B to B Bash

Brendon and Sallymae are going again in 2023!!!

We're doing it to give kids in need a fair go! 

In the year 2021/22 Variety granted $2.84 million to children in need in NSW/ACT.

32,138 impacted children in NSW/ACT and over 157,000 Australia wide.

Our participation in the Variety Bash helps support the great work of Variety - the Children's Charity NSW/ACT.  We are committed to raising the min entrance fee of $8,500, but hope we can make it a lot more this year! 

This page to makes it easy for people to help us do exactly that. Please give whatever you can to this important cause. Thank you in advance for your generosity, it means a lot!

The more people that know about Variety, the greater their impact, so please spread the word by sharing our page with your friends and family.

Please help us help give kids in need a fair go!

Thank you to our Sponsors


Andrew And Jenny Ross

Piggy, piggy, piggy; oink, oink, oink!


Per Arte

Thank you for 21 years!


Scott & Jenny Mckenzie

All the best Sallymae! Scotty and Jen


Stephen & Gail Thompson


Tracy Wood Funktionality Events

Sallymae & Brendan you are so giving. Have a fabulous time on this bash xx


Edward Kerr

Oink Oink one more time!! Go 333. You have made a difference to many lives. Thank you


Jennifer Baldwin

21 years and 11 years - what an amazing record for the Little Pigs!


Sharyn Redman

I know you will have a ton of fun again, Sallymae. Enjoy.


James Cowper

Go Pigs!


Sally Nagle


Julie F

Go the 3 Little Pigs! But are you sure it will be the last??


Bronwyn And David

Go the 3 pigs; Oink Oink Oink!!


Lisa Emery

Best of luck


J & L Douglas

Best of luck Sallymae and Brendon



Safe travelling


Mishi, Ants, Noah & Shane Jensen

We love you Sallymae! We admire what you do with the Variety Bash!



Best of luck on 21 years of B2B Variety bashing. Drive safe Sallymae and Brendon!