Variety Spin 4 Kids KPMG

Time to get on your bike - It's Variety Spin 4 Kids KPMG

Are you the fittest Team?

Dare yourself and your team mates to take on the challenge for kids in need!

 Variety Spin 4 Kids KPMG is a 4-hour team challenge on stationary spin bikes. The energy of the spin instructors and our MC Mike Wilkins will keep you spinning all day.


Bikes have sold out! You can still join a team here

We have a limited number of bikes available so be sure not to miss out!

 Get together a team of 1 - 10 and come up with a plan of attack on how you and your team mates will keep those pedals spinning. You will have one spin bike between you - will you be the team with the most KM's recorded? High energy music and our dedicated team of spin instructors will certainly keep you motivated for the full 4 hours!


It will be a great day with music, crazy costumes and energetic spin instructors on stage. 

This is a COVID safe event and is in accordance with NSW Government guidelines and regulations.

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Our goal



We want to get kids moving! Variety's work allows kids to gain mobility, to get out and about in the community, to communicate, achieve independence and increase their self-esteem. We make sure the kids who miss out, can always join in. 

Our We Move Grant that is open all year round allows families to apply for specialist disability equipment that is not easily available through statutory services such as the NDIS. This life-changing equipment increases physical deelopment, independence and social inclusion.


For an event like this we had to have the best in spin bikes so we reached out to our mates at Infinite Cycle.

Infinite Cycle bikes are different. They allow your joints freedom so that unnatural stress isn’t placed on your body, they also help you burn 20% more calories vs. a regular stationary bike (yes please!).

Infinite Cycle uses technology driven smart bikes which tilt 22 degrees in each direction, delivering you serious physical benefits (do you feel fitter just reading that? we do). They tell us that their bikes specifically target core and upper body muscles previously not touched on conventional stationary bike.

Bikes have sold out but you can still join a team here!

Thanks to our Event Sponsors

Have questions? Feel free to reach out to the team with any of your Spin 4 Kids questions.

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Events Manager

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