We are thrilled you want to join the Variety B to B Bash!

The Variety Bash is not a race or a rally or a contest of speed of any kind, it is simply fun!

 The Bash is a celebration of a year’s fundraising to help kids in need. Your entry into the 2023 Variety B to B Bash is a minimum $8,500 donation (per car) to Variety – the Children’s Charity. This can be made up of fundraising or a personal donation. A $500 entry donation must be made by the Captain with your registration to secure your place on the event. The $500 entry donation is included as part of your total fundraising amount. 

Joining us for the first time?

To show how excited we are to have you aboard, the minimum donation amount for first time Bashers is reduced to $4,250.

If you are bringing a 4WD on the Bash, please note the minimum fundraising amount is $17,000.

We are here to help!

If you have any questions about the event or fundraising reach out to the Bash Office.

Rob Vincent

Motoring Events Manager


0400 439 029

Rebecca Rowe

Event & Experience Manager


02 9819 1016

Lani Beaven

Marketing Manager - Motoring


02 4949 4884